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self destructive


morning lights don`t scratch my eyes

Morning lights don’t scratch my eyes
Just let me wash up on the shore
I used to have the strangest dreams
But they don’t come here anymore
My duvet’s laid out like an atlas with stains to mark the borderlines
Indentations in my pillow I hope won’t fade with time

Smoke the roach left in the ashtray on which I choked the night before
Stuck my toes under a clothes like mountain ranges on the floor.
I pick my way through crusty dishes and their greasy chemistry
I washed two cups and the remember that you’ve left already.

I let you go so reluctantly and I can still hear your lazy symphony
And just when I found my calling, it’s another mourning morning

The say the devil’s in the detail
I’m gonna blow my eyes instead
I put my memories in a landscape where only reckless angels tread
I watch the fingerprints you left like a secret code upon my skin
And I remember when you told me a guilded crown won’t make a king

pink floyd-ish rain check

abre lor ojos